A downloadable game

This is Unity source code, it can be used for android and iOS racing games.

Here you can test all options that this asset provides: https://e-ugovor.rs/steering_wheel_test/

Or you can download apk file and test it on you android device: 

This asset will provide you with virtual steering wheel that is very easy to setup and use. https://www.dropbox.com/s/heev4ovn416mnk0/steering%20wheel%20test%20for%20unity%...

How to use it? 

- Drag and drop “steering wheel.prefab“ from “Prefab” folder into you canvas - Inside your scripts call SteeringWheel.axis static variable to get steering wheel input axis. As simple as that! Also there is additional options that you can adjust. Please take a look at assets screenshots to see that options.

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